Overview - Oculoplasty in India…

In the last two decades, Ophthalmic plastic surgery has earned its special identity in Indian ophthalmology. The skilled oculoplastic surgeons of the yesteryears nurtured their interest and spread the art to others. Today, this elite group has taken the shape of a healthy organization, the Oculopastics Association of India (OPAI). Take a moment to travel down the memory lane to the Orbit meeting in the year 1987. It was during this meeting that the "Orbit Society of India" was formally founded. The name was changed to Orbit and Oculoplasty Association of India during the All India Ophthalmological Society Meeting, and formally assumed its current title Oculoplastics Association of India (OPAI).


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With its ultimate goal to promote education and research activities of ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery, OPAI is now ready to go online. This website should merely form the beginning of a long lasting bond between us and our patients, ophthalmology colleagues, and those who aspire to master this art. Ophthalmic plastic surgeons will find educational information as well as links to other resources. If you are an OPAI member, please login to the "Members Only" area to access the core area of the OPAI website designed just for you. If you are not an OPAI member, click on Member Benefits and Membership Categories to find out more about us. If you are eligible for membership and wish to join, you can do so by downloading the Membership Application Form. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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