President's Message

Dr Lakshmi Mahesh
President, OPAI

Greetings !!!

After my Introductory Message a few months back, I was extremely enthusiastic that the Forum would kick off in a ‘ BIG WAY  ‘ ….. Alas…..It has been disappointing. Despite many requests it has not. No one can be blamed since we find it much easier and convenient to message on our Whats app group. The group is very vibrant and lively with so much of positivity and knowledge emnating .

No one can deny this. Many of our members share their personal experiences as well and some are willing to go that extra mile to post links to their journal articles too. Hats off to you guys!!

We are extremely proud of these Achievers. However, an earnest and humble request again… please spare some of your valuable time at least once a week and post the same on the web site too – Yes, it is extra work but it won’t go a waste or get lost on the wall. We can archive and retrieve the same at our convenience. In the long run we all stand to benefit and most important – LEARN FROM EACH OTHER. I want our web site to become really dynamic and sought after…. The best site for Orbit and Oculoplastics in the world … And with people like you at the helm – Why Not ????

Best Wishes
Lakshmi  Mahesh

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