Membership Type and Benefits

Membership Benefits of OPAI

The Oculoplastics Association of India is the only body in India addressing the needs of the oculoplastic community. Membership benefits are only for ratified members and as a member of OPAI, there are distinct benefits and advantages that the society offers:

  • Eligible to be nominated for awards instituted by OPAI
  • Eligible to compete for scientific awards at the annual meetings of OPAI
  • Eligible to participate in OPAI business meetings
  • Eligible to vote in OPAI elections
  • Eligible to be an office-bearer in OPAI
  • Eligible to stand for elections (for office-bearer positions) at OPAI GBM.
  • Listing of biographic profile in the OPAI online database
  • Discounted registration to the Annual Meeting of the OPAI
  • Access to “Members Only” OPAI Facebook page 

Note: Only Regular members have the right to hold an OPAI office post or to vote in OPAI elections. Associate members, Honorary members and International Members cannot vote, stand for elections or hold any office in OPAI.


OPAI Membership Types and benefits

  Regular Member Associate member International member Honarary member
Eligibility Ophthalmologist (MD, DNB, DOMS)




General surgeon


Maxillofacial surgeon




Research Scientist


Anyone satisfying the Regular/Associate eligibility, but residing/practicing outside India. National/International accomplished surgeon, who is conferred honorary membership status proposed by the EC approved by Annual OPAI GBM.
Listing in the OPAI Members database Yes Yes Yes Yes
Discounted registration to OPAI meetings (Mid-term and Annual) Yes Yes No Yes
Eligible to participate in OPAI business meetings Yes Yes Yes Yes
Eligible to compete and be nominated for OPAI scientific awards Yes No No No
Eligible to vote, or contest elections for EC positions Yes No No No